Resists Fuel, Oil, Salt and Chemical Penetration
Asphalt is a petroleum derivative, soluable to distillates such as gasoline and motor oil. Sealing your pavement prevents damage from distillates and chemicals.


Prevents Water Intrusion
The intrusion of moisture into asphalt pavement accelerates deterioration. Sealing asphalt prevents the seepage of moisture from snow and rain, thus preventing         damage from freeze-thaw cycles.


Prevents Oxidation
Solar rays oxidize the oils in pavement, causing brittleness and the loss of aggregates, destroying up to 50% of the original thickness within just five years.   Sealcoating blocks these rays.


Reduces Repair Costs
Properly maintained asphalt pavement is tough and durable, resisting wear many years longer than unsealed surfaces. Cleaning, snow removal and pavement             marking also become easier.

The Result: If Sealcoated on a regular basis..
Sealcoating enhances pavement appearance and eases maintenance. Sealcoating brings back the dark black color of the original pavement, making it look and wear like new. Sealcoated pavement is also easier to clean and maintain. Because sealcoat fills surface voids, a sealcoated surface is much smoother. And a smoother surface is easier to sweep, shovel, and wash.



For an average parking lot of 5,000 square yards, or 45,000 square feet the cost over a fifteen year period would be $82,000 if maintained, however for the same time period an un-maintained parking area would ultimately cost $158,250. Sealcoating isn't costing money, it's more than paying for itself and sealcoating is keeping your pavement looking brand new while saving you money. 

The $66,250 savings over 15 years is mainly due to the fact that an un-maintained parking lot will require repairs starting with the second year and each year the cost rises until the asphalt is overlayed in the 7th year. The cost goes back down and then slowly increases when repaving is required again after the next seven years. 

It becomes clear that property owners who spend sealcoating maintenance dollars wisely; starting early and continuing regularly over the life of a pavement will spend less money overall while extending pavement life as well as the life of their investment.